does this sound familiar?

Do you feel like you are living groundhog day? Do you start something and never quite finish it? Are you watching others do what you want to do but you just can’t quite get started and think “I will start on Monday”? Are you wanting more but not sure why you are stuck, unmotivated, confused? Do you want to start fresh and want someone to give you a good kick you up the butt? You want someone to call you out on the excuses going on in your head and be the one person who is not afraid to tell you what you need to do.



you know things need to change

A week, a month, a year goes by and nothing has changed.
You have great family and friends but none of them want the big ambitious goals that you want and you hold back from your big goals and dreams so you don’t out shine anyone. You are stuck in the old ‘programming’ of who you ‘should be’ and have guilt for wanting more.
I hear you sister as that was me!

Meet Dani

 I knew I was meant for more, more confidence, more money and more independence.


I was shy, had low self worth, dependant on others and felt stuck in groundhog day. I love my kids, I love my husband but i was feeling unseen, unappreciated and falling into a role that I thought I ‘should’ be doing. I thought success was for other people not for me. But I did the inner work (which I teach in our signature Unblock and Reprogram) realised it was only myself holding me back from true greatness I went onto starting my own business, create million dollar months in sales, started feeling and being abundant, grew my confidence and now go onto to teach hundreds of women to do the same and break the mould.

My passion is now to help women in business who also feel stuck, have low self worth, feel alone, don’t know where to start, have a bad relationship with success and money, feel unorganised and overwhelmed  and support you to change your programming and rewrite your story so you concrete the life you have only dreamed of.

If you are looking for ‘Fluff’ you are in the wrong place, I am often called ‘The Velvet sledgehammer’ for my very direct approach, delivered with love and kindest.

helping women Master their life by mastering their daily routine to create and manifest million dollar months 

the aom mastermind

$597/month Subscription
This mastermind is for a group of women who are ready to UPGRADE their mindset, are sick of feeling STUCK and want to once and for all remove the BLOCKS that are constantly holding them back from living their best life and keep repeating unwanted behaviours and thought patterns. 

Danni will also help you create more structure and routine in your lives and business so you can go on to create a THRIVING income without the overwhelming stress of thinking you can’t do it all. You will have permission to be unapologetically ambitious without the guilt and finally be able to make a BIG impact in your life for you and your family.

what will you get?

  • Weekly group coaching via zoom
  • Access to Facebook page to ask questions at any time and be coached daily by Danni
  • Facebook Lives
  • Live webinars with Other experts/guest speakers
  • Cancel anytime with a months notice
  • Yearly retreat 
  • Welcome pack


  • Check lists and templates
  • All AOM courses
  • Behind the scenes of Danni business and work life structure and her personal manifestation processes
  • 4 laser coaching calls that can be used at anytime

what will you learn?

Once you learn that our brains are wired to keep us repeating the same patterns over and over again you will once and for all be able to beat procrastination, stop repeating self sabotaging behaviours, master a daily structure and routine to do this under the trusted leadership and guidance of a mentor and coach alongside incredible peers to be accountable to. This Mastermind is Great for those not ready to invest in one to one coaching but want access to a mentor to support them in change.

Fast track your success and experience incredible income growth, seeing your health improve and surround yourself with incredible women all striving for a common goal while feeling in control and organised by learning incredible daily habits. You are able to talk openly and freely in an intimate group while growing your network and friendships.

Imagine how it would feel:
  • to know what you are doing each and every day to increase your bank account, create better health and amazing relationships
  • gain more confidence and increase your self worth
  • know once and for all why you repeat the same behaviours and learn how to change them
What does your future look like and what is stopping you to start today, is it time, money, direction, fear, overwhelm? 
If you want to create some structure and master your day so you can fit everything in, you want to break the mould of the role you are currently sitting in, up level your health, wealth, your relationship with yourself and others and massively increase your business turnover - we need to chat. Book a 15min call to discuss your journey.
"As a single Mum, the hardest decision for me was should I take the time and money to invest in myself? It has only been just over a month doing the Mastermind course with Danni and I can say without a doubt, it’s is absolutely the BEST decision I have ever made!
Danni is a true gem, with her knowledge and guidance, she has provided a safe place to be able to share and has given me the tools to implement into my day, to focus and help work on my emotional and physical blockages and there are no words to describe how much my mindset has changed in just this short time! THANK YOU Danni, I am forever grateful."


Kylie Russel

"Investing in the AOM has been the best form of personal and professional development I’ve ever done.
Although we work in a group, Danni gives us specific individual tools to help us through our blockages. Having the safe space to talk things through, releasing fears and learning strategies for progress has been fantastic for me and flows through to my relationships, my parenting and even growing my business.
Working with Danni is fun and exciting and yes, even when she gently pushes me through blockages. You’ve just got to trust Danni’s guidance and the process to break in through."


Fiona Zinn

"Having only been part of this Mastermind group for a month, I have already noticed a huge shift in my thoughts, what I focus on and my vibrational energy. Danielle’s gentle approach, reassures you that you can be unapologetically you. This course explores yourself on a different level, deepening your awareness of things like blocks and fears that you may need to work on or overcome in order to move towards what you truely desire.
I look forward to our weekly meetings for growth and connection, learning insights about myself even from others in the group.
If you’re searching for more guidance in channeling your best and happiest self, or manifesting your wildest dreams, you’re in good company and I believe if you’re reading this, this is your sign to delve in."


Dominique Wood

"Working with Danni has been one of the best investments I have made.
The creation that was once stuck in my mind has now come to life.
She is so sweet, warming and direct and that’s what I love about working with her.
Her heat is open to serve.
I can see that her passion to watch people grow into the best best person they can be and creat the life that they want, is the reason why I keep working with her.
As a spiritual person I only work with people with a heart that has an energetic return and that’s her.
Her transparency has made my journey so easy and I trust that she has my best interest at hand.
Thank you Danielle 💕🌟" 

Tania Picolo


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If you join this Mastermind group you will be among  an intimate group of other like-minded women on  the same path and be fully supported by me along the way. You will also get to hear from other incredible women who have created a life by design which will be a huge part of expanding your mind and expanding your network.

go from feeling:

- Overwhelmed
- stuck
- unmotivated

- unseen
- unheard
- feeling like a fraud

To feeling:

- in control
- clear vision
- worthy
- seen
- plenty of time in your day
- the mindset to know how much you are worth

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