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4 Course Bundle Commencing Nov 2019 [18 week course]

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Purchase all four Academy of Manifestation Courses in our Bundle! You pay only $1400 (normally $2488). 

This will give you a total of 18 weeks of course work!

Course 1 Money Masterclass [4 week course]
Course 2 Amplify your Performance [6 week course]
Course 3 Manifestation 101 [2 week course]  
Course 4 Unblock and Expand [6 week course]

Here's what you will learn


Money Masterclass [4 week course]

The Academy of Manifestation Money Masterclass is a step by step formula on 'how to manifest' with no fluff of fish slapping and it's designed for the ambitious person who has massive life and financial goals but feels like they keep getting stuck!


Live Online Training Dates:
Week 1 - Thursday 21 November 2019
Week 2 - Thursday 28 November 2019
Week 3 - Thursday 5 December 2019
Week 4 - Thursday 12 December 2019


School's out for Summer
Reopening January 15 2020


Amplify Your Performance [6 week course]

This course will help you amplify the performance of your business or life while tearing down the barriers that are constantly holding you back from reaching that next level.

Live Online Training Dates:
Week 1 - Wednesday 15 January 2020
Week 2 - Wednesday 22 January 2020
Week 3 - Wednesday 29 January 2020
Week 4 -Wednesday 5 February 2020
Week 5 -Wednesday 12 February 2020
Week 6 - Wednesday 19 February 2020


Manifestation 101 [2 week course]

Prepare to dramatically shift your mindset so that you can manifest all of your goals and dreams.  Let's Unlock the power within and manifest all of the abundance you are destined to have!  


Live Online Training Dates:
Week 1 - Wednesday 26 February 2020
Week 2 - Wednesday 4 March 2020


Unblock and Expand [6-week course]

This course is centred around expanding your mindset to show you how you have the power to create anything you want by learning the formula of manifestation. In this course, we will also focus on unblocking your programmed belief systems and reframe your subconscious mind to show you what is possible with your finances, health, wealth and your relationships.  


    Live Online Training Dates:  ?  TBC 
    Week1 - May  2020
    Week 2 - 
    Week 3 -
    Week 4 - 

    Week 5 -

    Week 6 -



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