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Amplify Your Performance [6 week course]

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6 Live Online Trainings 
over 6 weeks

This course will help you amplify the performance of your business or life while tearing down the barriers that are constantly holding you back from reaching that next level. 

  • Are you sick of reliving the same uneventful year over and over again?
  • Are you looking for clarity on your life purpose and what you are 'supposed' to be doing?
  • Do you need someone to show you how to make things simple and to show you a way to prove that yes, you too can be successful!
  • Are you ready to lose your story once and for all about why you can't and rediscover why you can?
  • Are you someone who is ready for change and ready to do what it takes?
  • Do you want to learn how to set a daily practice that could make you a millionaire?

Live Online Trainings with your coaches Danni & Steph run on these dates:

Week 1 - Wednesday 15 January 2020
Week 2 - Wednesday 22 January 2020
Week 3 - Wednesday 29 January 2020
Week 4 -Wednesday 5 February 2020
Week 5 -Wednesday 12 February 2020
Week 6 - Wednesday 19 February 2020


This course is not for those who use money as the only measure of success. This will be a course for you to see a bigger vision and if you are on a mission to make an impact that will leave a legacy for generations to come.


We will help you:

  Discover your superpower

  Identify your ideal client

  Narrow your niche market

  Discover who you actually are and what you want to do

  Work out what success is to you


You will come out of this course with:

  A stronger mindset

  The Ability to work faster

  The skills to work more efficiently

  The knowledge to work smarter in business

  The clarity to help you map out your bigger future



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