Meet Steph

headshot of Steph O'Connor


I remember it like it was yesterday.
There I was, sitting in my High School Principle's Office with my mum...


He pointed at me and said, ‘She will never amount to anything.  She will be lucky to get a job stacking shelves at a supermarket.’ 

I was 14 years old.

My programming at the time?  I'm not capable of succeeding at anything. 

But over time I have managed to change my programming to something more like, I can succeed at anything!

I manifested a future that I'm proud of. And if I had to give some words of advice to my 14 year-old self. I would tell her that she is capable of anything she puts her mind to. If she works hard and really, really wants it.

Fast forward to now - I run four successful businesses that I truly believe (actually I know) I have manifested.  I'm proud to say, that School Principle was so completely wrong!

This is what I want to show you or anyone who wants to unblock and expand their self worth.

I didn’t finish high school.

I didn’t go to university.

Instead, I did the work on me. 

You see?  You get who you are not what you ask for!

My passion now is to show anyone, no matter what your background, upbringing, education or living circumstances, you have the power to change it all and literally have anything you ask for if you are willing to do the daily work! 


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