Meet Danni

headshot of Danni Stephens

For the past 8 years, I have been business coaching and mentoring hundreds of people helping them to grow personally and thrive in business. 


About 3 years ago, I started to get very frustrated. Not at them, but at me!

Why couldn’t I help them get further faster?

Why were so few reaching their goals? And why did others who were doing two or three times the work keep hitting the same blocks over and over again! 

I knew there was some missing link, but couldn’t quite work it out. 

Why could I show them exactly what to do and exactly what I had done, yet they couldn’t all get the same results..?

Then it hit me.

I looked at what I did when people weren’t watching. The constant daily work that had just become my norm. That I didn’t even think to share with others. 

I worked out the tools I had used. I researched the most successful people and researched what they did. 

I studied and got the certifications I needed. And then I went to work to create a workbook and training that everyone could use to find out what is blocking them. Then teach them how to clear it and create a future they only dreamed about! 

The Academy of Manifestation was born.

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