Why Did We Start the Academy?

image of Stephanie O'connor and Danielle Stephens

The Academy of Manifestation was founded by sisters, Stephanie O'Connor and Danielle Stephens.


Outside of the Academy both of us run separate successful businesses that turnover a million dollars per month and between both us we have over 30 years experience in manifesting and business accomplishments.


Over time we have realised that whatever dreams, desires and outcomes we want.. We have been able to create and as time has gone on, the time-frame in which we are able to create these things is becoming shorter and shorter. 

Sometimes we even find it hard to believe and have to laugh at what we can do!  So we want to teach you how to as well.
We have manifested things from business, to dream homes, to $20k in 5 days, to dream business partners to work with!  Would you believe we have even manifested the birth dates of our babies?

There literally is no limit.
We are so excited to share all of our learnings with you and work alongside you to help you unblock all of the subconscious beliefs that are blocking you. And help expand your mind so you can literally have anything you are asking for.
Manifesting is much easier than we think. The problem is that most people don’t know where to start.


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